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LH-EHR Authenticated Unrestricted File Write

The Issue

Unrestricted file write vulnerabilities allow attackers to write file such as PHP files, in locations where the web server user has access to write. This may allow an attacker to write files with malicious content and may lead to remote code execution.

An attacker must be authenticated to perform this attack.

Where the Issue Occurred

The following code snippet displays the usage of the file_put_contents function in PHP within the lh-ehr application:

file_put_contents($_POST['docid'], $_POST['content']); echo file_get_contents($_POST['docid']); 

Source: lh-ehr/patient_portal/import_template.php#27

Disclosure Timeline

  • Issue Reported: 23rd July 2018
  • Issue Resolved: <TBD>
  • Blog Post Published: 7th August 2018
  • Applied for CVE: 8th August 2018